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I am so pleased with my wedding invitations from Earthly Affair.  Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with and continuously offered exceptional customer service.  I feel great about my purchase - the invitations are made from recycled materials and the carbon footprint is minimal.  Thank you, Earthly Affair, for contributing something positive to a wasteful wedding invitation world!

-Katie Kidd

The invitations are in and they look fabulous!  "Green" is a big theme for our wedding both in color and in practice, so we couldn't be happier with the invites!  Thanks for being helpful, timely, and (most importantly) environmentally-conscious.

-Melissa Roberts

They are awesome, absolutely perfect.  And you gave me another idea, I am going to carbon offset the wedding.

 -Liz Crawford

We love them!!!!!  The overall experience with your company has been really great!  Honestly!  Prompt, thorough & welcoming.  And we totally do love the way the invitations turned out, especially because the paper is all 100% postconsumer.  Thanks for everything.

-Jamy Lyne

Thank you again for your time and help with our beautiful invitations.  I loved how the packing material was recycled as well.

-Jessica Grosman

Everything - invitations, service, website - was perfect! The invitations are out, and people have made a point of telling me how pretty they are (maybe they say that to all the brides...but I'm taking it as a personal complement!). I enjoy letting them know that they are environmentally ethical too. Thanks for everything!

-Jennie Fisher

I got the invitations yesterday.  They are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you all of your help.  It was great working with you and Earthly Affair!

-Amanda Newton

Thank you so much for working so hard to make sure that I got the thank you notes in time for my dinner.  They were a HUUUGE hit, and everyone loved the "thanks for playin'" on the back -- so much so that it wound up on my cap in blue duct tape the next morning. I look forward to working with you again in the future.  I'm really glad that companies like yours exist.

-Laura Frances Merin

I love my invitations, they are beautiful! I also love the peace of mind that came with them, knowing that they were made and packaged in the most environmentally friendly of ways. 

-Larisa James

They are perfect and just what I wanted! They look great. Thank you so much. It really has been a pleasure working with you. It's so nice to have such attentive, one on one customer service.

-Keiko Niwa

Thanks, Jennifer!  Yes, they're beautiful.  And, we're definitely spreading the word.  I'm still shocked how easy the process was.  I have you to thank for that.  Thanks again!  Much appreciation.

-Ann Kellogg

I'm incredibly satisfied with the save the date cards and the wonderful level of personal service you've provided me. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making these lovely cards for us. I definitely plan on ordering our invitations from you as well.

-Sarah J. McClung

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