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                                  even mother earth will send you a thank you card.

Welcome to our lil' home of eco-friendly wedding and event invitations. We try to keep prices fair, the help ridiculously friendly, and the process easy peasy. We've got a lot of love for nature and our commitment to the environment goes past just using recycled paper. So take a peek around! We're constantly adding to our collection of environmentally friendly wedding invitations, eco-happy baby shower invitations, and party invitations perfect for the eco-conscious birthday girl or boy.

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  • Green Tip:
    Cater from a local farm!
  • Green Tip:
    Have guests take public transportation
  • Green Tip:
    Plant Trees or Flower Seeds in lieu of favors!
  • Green Tip:
    Ask your venue to support recycling!
  • Green Tip:
    New Invitations Comming Very Soon!
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